Thank you for your interest in my Practice. I have been a Tantric practitioner for over 16 years and have been fortunate to have studied with esoteric masters in both the eastern and western traditions. In addition to my interest in alternative healing methods, I am also an award winning artist, author, and educator who has traveled the world and experienced many cultures. I have always been interested in traditions that merge our Physical Nature with our Divine Nature, the sacred with the profane, the Microcosm with the Macrocosm. This search came to a critical mass in 1996 when the book Jewel in the Lotus was recommended by one of my teachers. It was a book that provided the “Ah-Ha” moment that changed my life and revealed the cosmic connection between our two natures.

As above, so below!

Since then I have continued to expand upon my learning of the Sacred Art of Tantra in order to share my gift with others so that we may heal as a species. After studying the various Tantric Traditions available, I became a Certified Teacher in the Ipsalu Tantra© Tradition. In 2010 I founded my own school of Universal Tantra which encompasses all of the traditions in which I have studied. My practice is based in Las Vegas, Nevada, but I am available to travel to your city for a sponsored visit. Whether in a private session or in a group workshop, it would be my honor to be your guide on the Tantric Path to Higher Consciousness.

~Teachers & Credentials~

My Teachers

Although the focus of my Healing Practice is Tantric Alchemy, my esoteric education is one that embraces both Eastern and Western Modalities. Here is a sampling of my mentors past and present who have helped to mold my Spiritual Awakening. I honor you!

In the Western Tradition:

George Hiram Derby
Robert Anton Wilson
Kenneth Anger
James Eshelman
Kathy Jones
Lady Olivia Robertson

In the Eastern Tradition:

Master Mantak Chia
Bodhi Avinasha
Dr. Duane Law
Reverend Ryugen Watanabe~Osho
His Holiness The Dalai Lama

Honorable Mention:

Robert Venosa & Martina Hoffman

Certificates and Degrees:

BA SUNY New York, NY
BA Lone Mountain College San Francisco, CA
LCMT California Healing Arts College Los Angeles, CA
Ordained Minister ULC
Certified Ipsalu Tantra© Kriya Yoga Teacher
Certificate of Esoteric Studies
Philosophical Research Society Los Angeles, CA

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